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an mlp interactive draw Help for new pony artists.
Drawing Ponies with Whatsapokemon, Legs by Whatsapokemon made by :iconwhatsapokemon: if it can help me it can help you.

And some more help: Twilight Time (process) by COGBrony



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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
YO I'm Ndog. I'm a artist in training doing his best to better himself. The work i do MLP:FIM Ponies, anthros, wolves and few other animals, and even kaijus. wish to learn from and hope to teach you a little something.

Canterlot RP account:…
:iconeveryponyplz:Everypony forum account:…

:iconpegawolfpup: My first watcher and best-est friend on DA. She might be insane but so are the best people in the world. she draws wolves and she is a fun RP-er.
+ (SpCh name: Guadeloupe )
:iconcrispychris: A Caramel RP-er who's a great pony artist with his own drawing style.
+(SpCh name: Crispiness)
:iconangelthehuman: An amazing artist from Sweden who draws beautiful pencil art.
+(SpCh name: Michelangelo)
:icondestinydecade: The true Mega Brony. This dude writes epic MegaMan fan-fics. his OC: Rob Stallion! Yeah!
+(SpCh name: Clandestine)
:iconmissytheunicorn: a nice She-Brony pixel artist. YEEEAAAAHHH!
+(SpCh name: Thermodynamics)
:iconhombre0: this guy is rarely on his DA (mosty on tumblr) but still a cool guy to watch.
+(SpCh name: hombres)
:iconrosedragon13: she a friend....Sorta. we get along on DA but in real life(shoot me shoot me now)
+(SpCh name: Rosecrans)
:iconmane-shaker: a heavy metal brony who draws awesome anthro ponies. give he a watch.
+(SpCh name: Mane Shaker)
:iconsc3chcintr0n: this dude is in to the spooky and creepy. this guy arts out on several scales. he's a nice dude so give him a watch.
+(SpCh name: Introspection)
:icongermanys-panties: She's suck-a-home drawing up all sorts of things from portals to ponies with simple graphics programs but she makes it work.
+(SpCh name: explosiveness)
:iconsouofanangel: an artist with amazing creativity. Her art is something to appreciate. She definitely worth the watch.
+(SpCh name: sound angel)
:iconpinkiepiesbestpony: somepony with a adarpable art style

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Organization XIII - Which member Are You?
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What Animal Are You?
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What Are Your Last Words Before GAME OVER?
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It is ON by AntonyCMLP Stamp: BrainBrainBRAINS by XxoOjunefoxOoxXSpider by Fyi-SusSupport Evil Fluttershy by GeminiGirl83 Fluttality by GeminiGirl83 Gummy nom nom Stamp by CottonKittie MLP: Friendship is Magic Stamp by ecokitty I love North America by Tea-StrawberryMaud Pie Stamp by SoraJayhawk77:thumb118137149:Google Chrome Stamp by Ra1nDanc3rDeviantART stamp by Mel-Rosey
Pinkie-Bop by BlackGryph0nApple-Bop by BlackGryph0nRarity-Bop by BlackGryph0nFlutter-Bop by BlackGryph0nRainbow-Bop by BlackGryph0nTwi-Bop by BlackGryph0nPinkie piebrows by LamiaaaaLunabrows by LamiaaaaCheeribrows by Lamiaaaalyreyebrows by LamiaaaaCelestibrows by Lamiaaaa
I'm too lazy to come up with commission prices sooo:iconthinkingplz: I'm leaving that up to who ever read this journalMy :la: is a square-FREE ICON . But in all seriousness, I can't decide nor do I think I have the knowledge of the proper pricing method so I'm asking my watcher to help me make a proper pricing chart for my commissions. I trust you all whats fair. I may change a few things a little sense you may not know the circumstances in which I draw. 

I may just being lazy but I truly think this is a more interesting and fair way to set commission price!:iconfluttershyhappyplz:
you all can tell me what you thing in the comments or in notes. :iconflutterlickplz:
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Picture Perfect by Forever-Risa

it truely is the perfect picture. first the style. its so perfectly simplistic it catches one in a sence of simple the fine line...

It's that time again... by KP-ShadowSquirrel

Oh wow. I'm a fan of cheermac ship so you already got that going for you. I like it when an artist put a mature joke hidden in their dr...

'Almost like flying' by Neko-me
by Neko-me

Oh scootaloo looks like she really don't give a buck in this picture. This is a piece that gives me "Eeeeehhh" feeling in the back of m...


ndogmario has started a donation pool!
57 / 1,674
Yoooo! I'm ndog! I'm a simple artist, learning to be better.
I'll appreciate a donation, no matter the amount. I'll be my pleasure to repay you or maybe work together.
The points will be used upgrades, prints, and gear.

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Test Out a Style
Gratiant Shy by ndogmario
A POny by ndogmario
To farther exceed in my creative talents I opening commissions to test out different styles on ponys. 
If you have particular style in mind make sure its not to complex but I'll still do my best.

I'll do will do OCs and canon ponies as well as a pony requested by description.
ART Free for ALL
Messy Pinkie by ndogmario
note pad sketches (#4) by ndogmario
What Is This by ndogmario
RainbowDash: I got this (colored) by ndogmario
I'm doing commissions yaaaaaaay! My price chart is below, but you can just haggle.
The subject doesn't matter, (anthros, ponies, people, whatever) I'll try to draw it.

+~ pencil drawing:50+ points humans Fluttershy by ndogmario
+~ gray-scale: 80+ points Rarity: IT...IS...ON by ndogmario
+~ pencil colored: 150+ points Future Twilight by ndogmario
+~digital color and fill with paper background: 180+ points Rarity: Come At Me Bro (COLORED(better)) by ndogmario
+~fully digital: 210+ points  



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